6 Reasons To Do Resistance Training

6 Reasons To Do Resistance Training

A lot of people, especially women, are afraid of hitting the weights because they’re worried that they’ll turn into a bulky muscle machine.

Well, I’ve tried to build a lot of muscle, especially in my lower parts – thighs and bum, and I have to say, it’s incredibly hard to become bulky.

A lot of people asked me over the years if weights make women bulky. If just going to the gym and pick up a few weights made us bulky, we would all be waddling around with a mountain of muscles on us. There are many reasons to incorporate resistance training into your routine and there is not a single downside to it.

#1 IT’S FUN!

Come on, you have to agree. The endless cardio on a treadmill must be boring. Are you one of those people who run 5k three times a week being scared of even looking at weights?

Weight training is incredibly versatile and fun. There is endless amount of variations and possibilities – free weights, resistance machines, functional training and classes for you to pick from. There’re loads of different equipment – elastic bands, kettle bells, dumbbells, plates, cables, resistance machines and body weight! Yes, body weight is an excellent resistance. Imagine pull ups, push-ups or even Yoga. Yoga is incredibly demanding on balance, coordination and muscle endurance in order to hold certain poses. It’s almost impossible to get bored!

Try incorporating one day a week of resistance training if you are a cardio person. Don’t go crazy on the weights and set a whole body approach. You will see how fun it can be and it will make the time at the gym a lot more interesting. It does, however, require a little more planning so I recommend doing a little research the day before and perhaps writing the exercises down so when you hit the gym the next day, you are all ready and focused.


It’s a lot better to look at a toned body with defined muscles than at a body that has no shape. I think the skinny look of a starved model is not anyone’s goal anymore so there’s no point spending hours on a treadmill. Running is amazing as a start, the fat literally melts off week by week which is awesome if you want fast weight loss.

If you want a good summer body, however, I’m afraid you’ll have to establish a relationship with resistance. And don’t forget, resistance doesn’t always need to be lifting loads of weights. I grew decent amount of muscle and lost a lot of fat by doing hot yoga! But I’m not gonna lie, the higher the resistance, the better and faster the results so if you do want a good definition, you will eventually have to hit some serious resistance which in body weight terms would mean starting doing challenging calisthenics moves which unfortunately take a long time to progress to. Weights are the fastest and easiest way to grow muscle.

You can also control how defined you want to get, you don’t have be shredded with no fat on you. Not only it’s incredibly difficult to do because in order for you to be all muscles everywhere, you’d have to be 100% on top of your nutrition and we all know that none of us are. So don’t worry, you won’t become a huge muscle machine, a lot of people are trying to be one, and it requires a lot more effort than pick up a few weights and drink a protein shake. Which brings me to number three.


Strangely, some people do think this is the case. I have recently had a conflicting conversation with my mother who knows nothing about gym environment and doesn’t approve of anyone showing their body anywhere. She was asking me why do I drink protein shakes after every workout, telling me that all this chemical protein is bad for me. Firstly, you don’t have to drink protein shakes after resistance training at all, even though I highly recommend them if you are interested in growing muscle.

My point however was the fact that I felt a little sad that there are people who think that having a protein shake is as bad as taking steroids and I had to explain to my mother that since I don’t eat a lot of meat and legumes are not my favourites, I might struggle with muscle growth and that’s why I supplement with protein in the form of protein powder.

It’s weird that people are so worried about having too much protein and becoming bulky, yet they don’t mind eating meat three times a day which, as we know, is incredibly high in protein.

You don’t have to take any supplements if you decide to start resistance training. If your nutrition is decent, you will see amazing results without them. I do use them because I am interested in increased muscle hypertrophy (growth) but this is not everyone’s goal and it’s absolutely fine to train without supplements.


When muscles start to get bigger and stronger, they also require more energy which means that they basically turn into a very active tissue. The more muscle mass you have, the faster your metabolism becomes and the more calories you burn at rest.

Resistance training cause microscopic tears in the muscle tissue which is essential for muscle growth. Basically, we need to destroy the muscle fibers in order for them to grow bigger. This is all very natural and it’s the whole point of resistance training.

The repair process can become quite painful, however and you might be quite incapacitated for the next few days after the resistance workout, especially if you are a beginner. Don’t worry though, all this is great and it means that the muscles are repairing themselves and guess what? All this require tremendous amount of energy and fuel. That’s why people who lift, eat a lot without seemingly being impacted by it very much. That’s because that after years of weigh training, their body basically turn into calorie burning machine.

I have been seriously weight training for over four years now and I find it incredibly difficult to put on weight. My metabolism is so fast that it will burn anything it comes into contact with and that’s why I can get away with occasional really nasty treats like biscuit spread which I can demolish in a few seconds 🙂

My diet is predominantly carbohydrates and I’ve never suffered from stubborn fat or yo-yo effect.

I’m telling you, frequent resistance training is the best way to get away with eating anything you want 😀


Yes, and in a really good way. When you see the muscles grow, it’s impossible to stop. And trust me, when you start seeing the results it will all fit into place, even your nutrition.

Give yourself a month and try to be on top of your nutrition and workout at least three times a week incorporating some resistance training. You will see that you’ll start to feel a lot better, you will have a lot more energy, I know it’s difficult to grasp, why should you have more energy after lifting heavy weight and subsequently being in pain for days. 😀

But it’s true, I am a living example of this and I know that if I just mope about without doing anything all day, I’ll just be even more lethargic. Don’t get me wrong, it’s incredibly important to have rest days to recover and do things you love, not just be a slave of the gym. But it’s also very easy to get lost in the routine called WORK – TV – SLEEP and before we know it, we are stuck in the sedentary job in the office only to go home and watch TV. The less we do, the less energy we have. I am not entirely sure why that is the case, perhaps it’s the endorphins we release during exercise that make us very energetic and happy for the rest of the day 🙂

Also, the better results we see, the better we are trying to be. I didn’t fix my nutrition straight away but when I started seeing the differences in my body shape and energy levels, I slowly started changing more and more regarding my nutrition without even realising it. It’s still not perfect now but it suits me, however there’s always room for improvement.

The only thing you have to do is try, if you don’t like it after a month, no hard feelings and you can leave me a negative comment 🙂


Exercising together is a great fun. You can share loads of tips together because everyone’s body is different and responds differently to various stimuli. What can be a great workout for one, might not be the dream workout for another but that’s the point. Working out together with a gym buddy brings variety and fun into something that could sometimes feel like a chore.

Working out with a partner/friend can motivate you further because it creates competition. Isn’t it fun to challenge each other and see who manages to lift more next time? You can also make sure your forms are good by observing each other and making sure you are safe if you manage to progress onto heavier weights. It’s a good feeling to have support and people often progress a lot quicker knowing they have support if they decide to load a little more on a bench press or squat rack.


I think resistance training is the best way to get fit and look good. I also believe that gyms are a lot friendlier towards newcomers than they used to be. It’s not so intimidating anymore, most gyms include regular gym goers, not just body builders. A lot of clubs are social and family clubs with loads of facilities such as restaurant, cafe, spa or a pool and make an excellent place to chill out with friends after.

Most gyms offer a great variety of classes which are a perfect way to start getting used to the gym going routine because it’s a lot harder to cancel a class, perhaps disappoint your gym buddy by not showing up.

Don’t be scared of the weights, they are an incredible tool and if you have any doubts, you can always hire a personal trainer or a fitness coach to show you the ropes, they are not just for rich and famous anymore, they work in every gym and they are more than affordable these days.

We haven’t been looking after ourselves for a while and developed obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and loads of other conditions due to bad diet and inactivity. Then pandemic came, with corona virus affecting weak and vulnerable with underlying health conditions so when is it better time to start improving our health if not now?

Exercise also improves mental health, not just physical so there’s yet another reason to move more and as often as possible.

Look after yourselves and let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions.


2 thoughts on “6 Reasons To Do Resistance Training”

  • Hi Silvie,
    I am one of those who shy away from resistance training – for precisely the reason you’ve given – turning into a bulky machine! I am however pleasantly surprised to learn that frequent resistance training is the best way to get away with eating anything y I want, and that you don’t necessarily need to take supplements. This knowledge has made me re-think my previous beliefs and I am definitely going to include resistance training with my work out going forward.
    Thank-you for this information!

    • Hi Ceci.

      Lovely of you to stop over. I hope you had a lovely Christmas time.

      A lot of people avoid resistance training for this reason, but if it was so easy to get bulky, there would be a population of Arnold Schwarzeneggers roaming this world 😀

      It’s also quite challenging for women to become bulky, we are naturally prone to store fat, rather than muscle. I have been seriously working out with resistance training included in my sessions 3 – 6 times a week and I have still not grown enough muscle 😀

      It’s a great way to work out and the results are amazing. Just toned muscles that pop up nicely.

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