About Me

About Me

Hello everyone.

Welcome to my Blog dedicated to Fitness and Food. I honestly hope I can shed some light on all those fitness products out there and maybe help you choose ones that are right for you. Or maybe you are interested in starting to eat a little better.

There is an awful lot of supplements and superfoods claiming to be magical and it can get confusing. All these names and different types of the same product can make you feel like you should have a Biology Degree in order to understand how they work properly.


I am a gym enthusiast and Personal Trainer student with a EQF 5 Diploma in Sports & Exercise Nutrition.

I have been active my whole childhood but sometimes the thing called life gets in the way. I got a job in the UK and moved here. I was going out a lot, not exactly eating right either.

I joined a gym again in 2016 after seeing my chubby pictures from holiday in Cuba. I was very unfit and a little round. Considering my history of active lifestyle, I was very disappointed in myself because of the way I looked and felt. I didn’t look athletic at all and energy was virtually non – existent. I was 27-year old working night shifts for the past 6 years. Not the best way to live, let me tell you. But I realised I have to change something and not just blame my job.

So, I signed up for a gym. It didn’t take long and I was hooked. But after a year or so, and I am sure a lot of people will relate, I found out that the progress has slowed down and I hit a little of a plateau. The initial progress was great but I wanted more. I never really looked at supplements before because every time someone mentioned them, I pictured steroids. I couldn’t have been more wrong and it took me a long time and a lot of reading to even scratch the surface and learn about all the different products.


I signed up to online courses to expand my knowledge and increase the effectiveness of my gym sessions, and read tonnes of books.

Then I figured that it would be nice to have all the information in one place, so this Blog is kind of for my needs as well, it helps me categorise everything I learned without having millions of different books and papers around. And since I’ve done that, I realised that there is a lot of people who are overwhelmed by information and could, perhaps, benefit from Food & Fitness info being in the same place. So that’s the whole purpose of My Blog and I hope you will be returning for more.


My purpose here is not to pretend that I know everything. But I wish I had someone at the beginning who would help me filter out the products and strategies that were not applicable to my goal. My progress would have been a lot quicker and more rewarding (and I would have saved myself a few £££ and a lot of time). That’s why I think people give up. At some point, the progress becomes too slow for them to notice. So I would like to share some tips and tricks that have helped me over the years and have worked for me. It doesn’t mean they will all work for everyone. But I hope I can sieve out some information out there and give you somewhat shorter and simpler description that won’t make your head explode.

I have built this Blog thanks to Wealthy Affiliate community which offered me training and a lot of help and insight. If you ever thought about writing your own blog I recommend them big time because you don’t have to figure out what on earth you are doing all by yourself. There is a training section that helps you build content, add images and understand your site. I signed up for free for 7 days and learned a lot! And you don’t even have to sign up for Premium after the week. You can just keep using the free features without anyone asking you for credit card details.

I hope I didn’t bore you guys too much by sharing this story and I hope you find my contributions helpful.

All the best,


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