Benefits of Pea Protein Powder

Benefits of Pea Protein Powder


Pea protein is extracted, not from the traditional green peas we come into contact with every day, but from yellow peas which is very high in protein, iron and Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and very low in fat and carbohydrates. All that makes it a dream for a fitness enthusiast. As BCAAs we consider Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine (three essential amino acids particularly important in muscle repair so better remember them, they are mentioned everywhere). Especially Leucine is reported to be The Number One amino acid (I have explained a little in my “Whey Proteins” article because Whey is the protein source that is richest in Leucine – around 10%). Pea protein is running just behind with 9%. On top of all that it also contains all the 9 essential amino acids that our body requires.


One serving usually packs between 20g – 24g of protein and that’s pretty decent for a plant protein.

It has also been linked to good heart health thanks to another amino acid called Arginine. And it’s also supposed to lower blood pressure because Arginine positively affects blood flow.

Pea protein also contributes to feeling full and, as mentioned above, it’s very low in fat and carbohydrates that could be very beneficial if you are on a weight loss programme.

The main advantage probably is the fact that it is completely gluten and dairy free so that makes it perfect for Vegans.


This protein also gained its popularity because it doesn’t contain any of the main allergens like peanuts, eggs, milk (lactose), wheat or soy. Obviously if you are sensitive to peas that’s a bit of a bummer but it is less likely for you to be allergic to peas that to lactose, wheat or soy. Peas is also quite a common ingredient so if you do have some sort of sensitivity going on you probably know by now.


The only reason why it’s not my favourite at all is the flavour. The yellow peas the protein is extracted from is not like your green garden peas. Green peas is very sweet however the yellow one is very earthy. And when I say very I do mean VERY. To me It feels almost like eating soil. If you are thinking about trying Pea Protein, bear this in mind and perhaps purchase a smaller bag to try out before you commit. I could never get over the taste. I have tried mixing it with absolutely everything – all berries I know, bananas, cacao powder, maple syrup,….

It just did’t do well with my taste buds. But we are all different. If you are allergic or sensitive to soy, lactose, wheat or simply are a Vegan, give it a go and let me know what you think. (Just do buy a smaller bag first 🙂


If you are allergic to Soy or Lactose, Pea might be your option. You just have to get past the flavour but you never know, maybe It’s just my issue and you will love it 🙂

Go for it If you are after a good quality protein low in calories and high in health benefits. It might be a good idea to include it in your diet if your family have a history of CVD (cardiovascular disease) to improve heart health. It certainly won’t do any harm.

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