Raw Sport Coffee Protein Review

Raw Sport Coffee Protein Review

Hey guys.

I have recently decided to try this fabulous invention from Raw Sport!

Product: Vitality Energy Protein – Coffee

Price: £24.99/500g

Website: www.rawsport.com or www.revolution-foods.com (more frequent deals) – both websites do 20% off for new customers

Type: Vegan protein with added caffeine

Recommended: YES!

I am amazed by this Coffee Protein and that’s coming from someone who is not a fan of vegan proteins.

OK, I am not going to lie, it’s not Whey. Whey just tasted silky smooth and milky. No wonder, they are made from milk.

I decided to try this brand because of their sustainability and NON-GMO ideas. I wasn’t expecting much because, as I said, I don’t like vegan proteins. The reason is usually their taste. They are rather gritty and earthy, and that’s because most vegan brands that don’t want to use soy in their products use pea protein. I have written an article about pea protein itself if you fancy reading bit later.

Anyway, let’s get to this product, you came here for a review not to listen to me babbling.

I love it! I am a coffee enthusiast, borderline addict! As I go to the gym 5 – 6 times a week, this is absolutely perfect for me. I therefore wish to give a big thanks to the member of the team at Raw Sport who came up with this idea!

It is smooth and it really tastes like coffee. I was expecting an artificial, weird flavour but it was just like having a frappuccino!

The best is to mix it with milk but water does really well too! I even threw a banana in there because I had it instead of a lunch (I was busy) and blended it all together. Absolutely fantastic!!! Yes you can tell that it’s not whey. Sure. But compared to some pea protein brands out there which I had to mix with milk, maple syrup, berries, banana, cocoa powder and still wasn’t able to drink it. This is huge!

Let me tell you something about the nutritional values per 30g serving (regular protein scoop):

  • Energy: 112 kcal
  • Carbohydrates: 4.2g
  • Protein: 19g
  • Fat: 1.68g
  • Fibre: Package or website do not state the amount but it contains Konjac Fibre – natural water-soluble fibre, helps digestion and takes up space in the stomach to promote the feeling of fullness

It also packs 50mg of caffeine which is less than an espresso so don’t worry it’s not a crazy pre-workout that make you want to jump out of your skin. I, personally, can’t stand them, they affect me in a horrible way. They make me irritable and annoyed. This one, however is not packed with all the other stuff like Beta – Alanine that causes skin to itch and is very common in pre-workouts. I definitely felt a decent boost in my energy levels without the usual discomfort of a pre-workout.

The package tells you to take it 60 – 90 mins before workout. I did 60 because my coffees kick in way before 90 mins and it was great 🙂 But I suppose all this is individual and you have to try it out yourself.

The package also mentions other beneficial ingredients:

  • Reishi mushroom
  • Grey sea salt
  • Enzyme blend

I did a little digging so you don’t have to because I had no idea what they were. It’s not very common to find these ingredients at the back of a whey protein powder.

Reishi Mushroom

When I was researching this mushroom native to Asia, I was very surprised to find out how popular this ingredient is. Let’s have a look how beneficial this ingredient ACTUALLY is.

The first thing that is scientifically proven is that it positively affects our immune system. It increases the activity of out white blood cells to fight infections and particularly cancer cells. There certainly is more research needed but there are clear positive changes in cancer patients lymphocytes (white blood cells).

The studies are not so conclusive in healthy individuals and I get it. It’s a lot harder to document a healthy person getting even better than to document a sick person to get better.

It clearly has some benefits so I would say it cannot hurt to include this product in our diet even if it means to get a better immune system (sounds like a good idea considering we have a coronavirus pandemic on our hands).

Reishi mushroom supplement has also been research for its properties to reduce anxiety and depression. Now this can just be the connection to the better immune system health. If we are healthier and stronger, we feel better. This has been research and tried on people with chronic medical conditions so again, it might not necessarily have any effects on a healthy individual.

Grey Sea Salt

I am not entirely sure this one is of any benefit. The only difference between this salt and your regular table salt is that this one comes as it is. It goes through no processing or refining. They use wood instead of metal to handle it and the evaporation is caused not by an external heat source but by nature itself. Which is great. Not sure it’s needed in a protein powder though. We already eat way too much salt by consuming processed products so I don’t really see a point to add it in a protein powder. It claims to have more minerals due to its grey colour but I found a different source that claims that the grey colour is due to clay filtration. I guess you guys will have to help me with this so please let me know if you come across some decent research, I’d love to read it.

Salt is, however, important for people who go through heavy workouts. We use a lot of electrolytes when we sweat and unfortunately normal tap water doesn’t replenish them very well. People who work out on a regular basis could suffer from electrolyte imbalance so I guess this protein blend was created with this in mind. I think it’s more than possible to fix the imbalance through sodium in our diet but what do I know 🙂

Enzyme Blend

This is very vague on the packaging but it is a bit clearer after visiting the website.

The blend contains:

  • Ginger Extract – contains enzyme called zingibain that helps to break down proteins and is supposed to fight inflammation which is not news since we all know that you should drink ginger with hot water when you are ill 🙂
  • Peppermint Leaf – contains enzyme that aid digestion (also nothing news here, peppermint tea is well known to help indigestion)
  • Papaya Extract – contains enzyme called Papain that helps to break proteins down
  • Fennel Seed – contains enzymes that aid digestion and helps with bloating and gas so that might be good news for some people with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)

Any Sweeteners?

Stevia. You probably heard this one before, it’s more and more popular.

Stevia is a South American herb that has 200x stronger flavour than sugar but doesn’t cause spike in our blood sugar levels and eventually sugar crash. Because it’s a lot stronger than sugar we only need tiny amount. I suggest getting it if you haven’t done so. HERE is a link to a pure stevia drops. It’s a great sweetener with no adverse effects. Yes it’s a little more expensive than sugar but you have to remember that it’s 200x more potent. So if you are trying to reduce sugar intake and cannot quite give up extra sugar in your tea and coffee this is definitely a good way to go.

Worth It?

I will definitely be buying this product again. At £24.99 for 500g (approx. 16 servings) it’s not the cheapest but as a news customer you get 20% off and just keep an eye on sales. I don’t regret buying it, even for the full price. If you are thinking of switching from whey to vegan protein, this is definitely a brand that will not shock or traumatise your taste buds. And really, it’s coming from someone who detests pea protein. Give it a go guys and let me know in the comments.



4 thoughts on “Raw Sport Coffee Protein Review”

  • Thank you for this review on Rawsport coffee protein. I’m very interested in this product!

    Can you explain why you don’t like pea protein?

    • I love this product! I only wish I bought a bigger bag.
      And yes of course I can 🙂 I am usually a little bit sceptical about pea protein because I find its aftertaste too earthy. When I started working out Whey was the most common and affordable protein so I got used to it. When Vegan proteins became more advertised and available I have bought several ones and never liked the taste. I know a lot of people who love pea protein but most of them have never tried whey before 🙂 It’s a lot easier that way because whey just simply taste amazing and it’s difficult for me to get accustomed to a slightly earthy flavour but I am trying 🙂 I think this brand is great. I also like the fact that they are working on sustainability in packaging and they don’t have scoops in their products. I am trying to be a little more aware of these things so I am trying to get used to the flavour too. A lot of people don’t mind the different taste but some do and that’s why I always recommend getting the smaller bag.

  • Whoa Silvie,

    We could be onto a winner here.

    I currently take a vegan protein shake, but for no other reason than whey and milk in general doesn’t agree with me.

    I obviously have some type of intolerance, but I still continued drinking milk products and adding it to my tea and coffee up until last year.

    But I finally decided to take the plunge and completely give up milk and most dairy products (I’m still partial to a cream cake every now and then, but I’m just plain greedy).

    I’m totally with you on the pea protein. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

    This was my first venture into a vegan protein shake and well it almost came up as quickly as it went down.

    I’m not embarrassed to say that around 970g of the 1kg tub went straight into the bin.

    I’m almost thought that I’d have to take a tin of tuna and a chicken breast to the gym with me for a post-workout snack, but couldn’t bare the thought of all the weird stares.

    However, I think you’ve got me hooked here.

    Coffee lover – tick
    No milk – tick
    Decent amounf of protein – tick
    Not overly expensive – tick
    Personal recommendation – tick

    Great, it ticks all the boxes for me.

    A great review Silvie and it gets the definite thumbs up from me.


    • Please let me know what do you think if you actually do try it. Just bear in mind that it still is not whey and it still is based on pea protein (however I welcomed the addition of quinoa protein which is not very common). It will still not have creamy and milky taste and If mixed with water it will become a little earthy (nowhere near pure pea protein though!). I do recommend to mix it with a plant based milk for the best results but It won’t make you want to puke if you don’t 🙂

      I have recently ordered their samples (only cost £10 and you get 5 flavours) and Vanilla + Cinnamon was an absolute killer!! I mixed it with water to test the flavour and it was genuinely awesome! However I do recommend mixing these proteins with a mixing ball. The powder quite often gets stuck at the bottom. And also…the normal protein range has 25g of protein compared to the 19 in the coffee one. So they definitely do deliver protein wise.

      Let me know what do you think and if you like it. And thanks again for a great comment xxx

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