Which Is The Best Tasting Chocolate Protein Powder?

Which Is The Best Tasting Chocolate Protein Powder?

As I said before, I do consider myself a bit of an expert when it comes to Chocolate Protein Powders 🙂 I loathe the other natural flavours – Vanilla and Strawberry (you can sometimes come across Banana)

Chocolate has been my “Go to” flavour for years and I have bought bags and bags of it. So I thought it might be a good idea to share my findings with you.

#1 PhD Nutrition Diet Protein Powder Belgian Chocolate

  • Macros per Scoop (25g)
    • Energy – 91kcal
    • Protein – 17g
    • Carbohydrates – 3g
    • Fat – 1.3g
    • Fibre – 0.3g
  • Other Values per Scoop
    • L-Carnitine – 125mg
    • Green Tea Extract – 100mg (does not contain caffeine)
    • CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) – 375mg (it MAY help the body to burn more fat)
    • BCAAs – 3.3g
    • Glutamine – 3.7g (amino acid important for protein synthesis and immune system)
  • It actually delivers what it says on the packaging – great texture and taste
  • This brand has been my favourite because their labels are one of the most informative
    • They clearly state macronutrients in a box which is very easy to read (unlike some brands that just put a lot of text at the back with no structure, not to mention that sometimes you feel like you should get a magnifying glass)
    • They clearly state the amount of protein and BCAAs included in the product, it’s right at the front and really hard to miss
  • Contains L-Carnitine which is an amino acid that plays vital role in weight loss, science however haven’t proven benefits while taking the supplement and I would definitely not buy it separately but from what I have noticed, this protein powder is one of the few that do include L-Carnitine in their product and it’s nice to have, even though results are inconclusive. It is only an amino acid, after all, and our body needs them to function properly. It definitely doesn’t hurt.
  • It’s a whey protein – they are the most popular and studied with definitive results
  • Amazing chocolatey taste 🙂
  • Fairly cheap and they are often on sale
  • Not as much protein per serving as perhaps expected but because they are so easy to mix, there is no problem to put 1.5 – 2 scoops into a larger shaker and increase the dose

#2 The Protein Works Whey Protein 360 – Chocolate Silk

  • Macros per Scoop (30g)
    • Energy – 117kcal
    • Protein – 23g
    • Carbohydrates – 1.9g
    • Fat – 1.9g
    • Fibre – 0.3g
  • Incredibly silky and smooth chocolate flavour
  • Option to choose between other types of protein – Concentrate, Isolate, Extreme, Meal Replacement, Soy (if you are lactose intolerant) – they all have different protein content and slightly altered macros for anyone’s needs. Chocolate silk is available throughout the entire range 🙂
  • On the higher protein content end
  • The only thing I don’t like about this brand is the fact that the product information is very small and not very structured so looking for any specific info requires reading the whole text at the back of the packaging (very clear on the website however)
  • Very affordable and they do amazing deals on Black Friday so check it out 🙂 I managed to get an order worth over £100 down to £40 something. That was a year ago and I still haven’t run out.
  • Check out their Casein as well. It tastes amazing with milk as a nice shake before bed

#3 MyProtein Impact Whey Chocolate Smooth or Chocolate Brownie

  • Macros per Scoop (25g)
    • Energy – 103kcal
    • Protein – 21g
    • Carbohydrates – 1g
    • Fat – 1.9g
    • Fibre – 0g
  • MyProtein is a fabulous brand that is very affordable and the website has sales literally all the time (It’s like Sports Direct of supplement world)
  • All of their flavours are palatable, whichever one you choose. I have never had one that would be awful, not amazing, yes, but awful? Never.
  • Very low in sugar
  • They are incredibly easy to mix and have great texture
  • It says “mix with” 150 – 250ml of water but I find this very little. It turns into a little bit of a muddy consistency so I usually mix it with 500ml – helps my water intake too. 150ml is nothing.


These are my three To Go brands I always end up buying. The last two have an amazing range of incredible flavours but I do have one issue with The Protein Works – they don’t tell you anything about the flavourings they use. I have no idea if it’s natural or synthetic.

I quite like to know what is in my food so I usually turn to MyProtein most of the time. Their website and packaging is very clear on what they use in their products even though I think the law should demand them to state exactly what sort of flavourings they use. At least they make a difference between artificially flavoured and naturally flavoured products by actually stating “Natural Flavouring” where applicable.

However It’s a little bit odd that Natural Chocolate has only “flavouring” stated on the website, instead of “Natural Flavouring”. All the other Natural flavours do have this information (Natural strawberry, vanilla, banana, even natural banoffee!!! – even though I struggle to find anything natural about banoffee pie :))

It all depends on you, how conscious you are about what you put in your body. I have to agree that it’s getting progressively more difficult to find anything natural on the shelves. Everything is processed to a certain degree so I do believe that with a healthy diet (little processed food like ready meals and processed meat) you have nothing to worry about.

How about other plant based protein powders?

I have not included any pea or hemp protein powder brands because unfortunately I do not use them. To me, they have an awful taste and I didn’t want to name and shame products that I don’t like just because I am a little too sensitive to their earthy flavour.

There is nothing wrong with them and, pea protein especially, is very beneficial for our heart health. I have written an article about pea protein if you are interested in reading a little bit more.

The Protein Works brand do offer a really good tasting Soy Chocolate Silk which I do have and use. It is very good and, to be honest, I wouldn’t even be able to tell that it’s not whey if someone just gave me a taste. Soy is, after whey, the best protein to build muscle because it is a so called Complete Protein which means it contains all the essential amino acids our body needs to function properly and to build new muscle tissue.

Hope I helped you to make a decision and I hope you will not be disappointed If you followed my advice or purchased something through my link.

Let me know what you think and I really want to know If any of you out there can recommend a good tasting chocolate protein that is not whey or soy. I would love to try!!!!!!

5 thoughts on “Which Is The Best Tasting Chocolate Protein Powder?”

  • Hello there, thank you for this information. I have seen a lot of chocolate protein powder and to be honest, I’m not really impressed with all of them because they are usually poorly developed and that is a concern for me really. These are some fine idea and the mineral contents are very good. I am particularly concerned about the fibre which is usually more in some product.

  • Hey, Silvie,

    Thank you for sharing this great article. It’s always valuable to read from people’s personal experience with products.
    I must agree that finding a good-tasting protein powder isn’t an easy task nowadays.
    I already have my Go-To Protein but I’ll look into your suggestions as well.

    Keep up the great work!


    • Hi thank you so much for a kind comment. Do you mind telling me which one is your Go To protein? I’m curious. Maybe It’s something I haven’t tried 🙂

  • I gave the PhD Nutrition Diet Protein Powder Belgian Chocolate a try and loved it. I swear to god, it’s doesn’t even feel like you’re having a protein shake. I usually combine it with almond milk, ice, and I add a pinch of cinnamon just to spice things up.

    And the best part about it? It doesn’t make you flatulence and the price is literally a bargain. I highly recommend it to ANYONE!

    • I absolutely agree. They are incredibly affordable and great tasting protein. I dare say it’s THE best tasting protein out there. I am currently in love with the salted caramel one. The PhD are incredibly tasty in baking too. I make vanilla protein doughnuts and they are a dream. I’m glad supplements don’t have to be expensive anymore and a regular gym-goer can enjoy them without splashing out a lot of money.

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